SSIS - How to Use Test Destination (Multicast or RowCount) in SSIS Package


Sometime we need to debug out SSIS Package but we do not want to insert records in destination but still we want to use all the transformations and dump these all records in some dummy destination. The goal can be to check the extraction performance from source OR view data at different points of Package but we do not want to insert data in destination at all. Which transformation can be used in SSIS as test destination transformation?


To do that we can use Multicast transformation as Test Destination. We do not have to connect any other transformation or Destination to Multicast. Here, the purpose of using Multicast Transformation is to just have test destination for Debugging.

How to use Multicast Transformation in SSIS Package as Test Destination


We can use Row Count Transformation. To use Row Count Transformation we have to create a variable first because Row Count always expect a variable where it can store the count.
How to use Row Count Transformation as Test Destination in SSIS Package

You can watch the video for How to use different transformation in Data Flow Task just for test purpose so we don't have to write the data to any destination and only implement data viewer to see the data while debugging.


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