SSRS - How To Create SSRS Report with DateTime By Using Standard Subscription In SQL Server Reporting Services


I got this requirement where I have to generate SSRS Report with DateTime. I could have set Data Driven Subscription but that can be lengthy process. We can generate Report with Datetime by using Standard Subscription in SSRS. Follow the below steps.


Step 1: 
Create a SSRS report if you don't have one;) I have created Customer Report as shown below

Fig 1: Customer Report to Set up SSRS Subscription

Step 2: 
Go the the report on which you want to create subscription as shown and Choose Subscribe
Fig 2: Configure SSRS Standard Subscription

Step 3: 
Provide the required information as shown below, 2nd step is important as we have @Timestamp at the end of report name.This is going to add DateTime at the end of our report name.

 Fig 3: Generate SQL Server Report with Date Time 

Step 4: 
Let the report run on schedule and check the folder to confirm if report is generated with date time. As we can see that the report is generated with Datetime successfully.
Fig 4: Standard Subscription Windows File Share