SSIS - How to Find The Version Of SSIS Package From Dtsx File


Let's say you just start working for a company and they pointed you to a folder which holds SSIS Packages. You need to find out the version of these SSIS Package and schedule them to SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2012 according to their version.


To find out the version our SSIS Package , we need to read the .dtsx file itself. We can open the file by using different programs such as internet explorer or notepad or word pad etc. The .dtsx files are xml files and the property we need to look for is "PackageFormatVersion".

For SSIS 2008

For SSIS 2012 

Fig 1: SSIS Package with different versions

As you can see that I have two SSIS Packages but can't tell either they are SSIS 2008 or SSIS 2012.

Right Click on the Package.dtsx and go to Open With. You can choose the program you want to use for this. I opened it with Notepad.

Once the file is opened. You have to look for PackageFormatVersion. You can use Ctrl+F ( Find) and then find it. 

Fig 2: Find Version of SSIS Package from dtsx file

As PackageFormatVersion=6, This package was developed in SSIS 2012.

Let's check the package1.dtsx by using the same method.
Fig 3: Read SSIS Package file (dtsx) to find out version

As PackageFormatVersion=3, The version of this SSIS Package is 2008/2008 R2.

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