SSIS -Export Files from SQL Table To Folder [ How To Use Export Column Transformation In SSIS ]


We have saved different type of files such as Excel, Image, Text into SQL Server Table. We want to export them to folder. The folder path with file name is saved in FileName column.


We will be using Export Column Transformation to save files from Sql table to folder. Let's start with step by step approach

Step 1:
Bring Data Flow Task to Control Flow Pane and then bring OLE DB Source and write query as shown

SQL Command : Select  FileName,[File] from dbo.ImportFiles
Step 2:
Bring Export Column Transformation to Data Flow Pane and then connect OLE DB Source to it. 
In Extract Column map it to File data column and File Path Column to where you want to save that file.

Final Output: 
Let's run our SSIS Package and check the Archive folder if the files are exported to folder successfully.

All the four files are exported to Archive Folder successfully from Sql Server table.