TSQL- How To Find The Size Of a SQL Server Table

Here are the two ways to find the size of a SQL Server table

1-- Right Click on the table and then go to the Properties. Then Click on Storage Tab and you will be able to see the size of Table

Fig 1-SQL Server Table Size by using Table Properties

2- OR we can use  sp_spaceused system Stored Procedure to find the size of a SQL Server table.

EXEC sp_spaceused 'TableName'

Fig 2- Find the Size of Table by using sp_spaceused Stored Procedure

sp_spaceused Stored Procedure return the size of a table in KB, to get the Size in MB, we can divide with 1024.

8952/1024=8.742187 MB

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  1. how can find row size for particular rang in single table on sql server 2017.
    for eg: ABD table having 1 lack rows with 100 GB. need find row size for 5000 row in ABC table.