Split Single Column Data into Multiple Columns in SSIS Package

In this video, we will learn how to split a single column data that is comma delimited into multiple columns. We will use the Derived Column Transformation to split the single column into multiple columns in SSIS Package.

In this video we will also learn how to use functions in Derived Column Transformation. In our case, we will use FindString function in derived column Transformation to split single delimited column into multiple columns.

Split Column into multiple Columns in SSIS by using Derived Column Transformation

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  1. Is this possible to achieve below output .?

    ID Group Category
    1 A,B,C X,B,Z
    2 E,F Y,A
    4 G G

    ID Group Category
    1 A X
    1 B B
    1 C Z
    2 E Y
    2 F A
    4 G G