SSRS Tutorial Part 119.5- How to create Map Reports in SSRS (SQL Server Spatial Query)

In this video of SSRS Tutorial, we are going to create the Map report from SQL Server Spatial Data. We will be using Map Template  for SQL Server Spatial Query.

We will do below items in this video
  1. How to Add Geography column to existing Table
  2. How to upload .shp file to SQL Server Table
  3. How to update Geography column in one table from other table
  4. Create Map in SSRS by using SQL Server Spatial Query from Actual Data
  5. How to Join two tables for Spatial Data so can display all the Countries instead of only which has the data
  6. How to Custom Color the Countries which has data
  7. How to use Tooltip to display Country Name on hover
  8. How to display actual data on Map
  9. Understand Why label data does not appear on map and how to display it in any conditions

Credit Goes to for shapefile
Use this dataset with care, as several of the borders are disputed.

For Shap2sql software, credit goes to

How to create Map Reports in SSRS from SQL Server Spatial DataSet- SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS) Tutorial


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      I tryed to retrieve this table unfortunately the Geom field is empty.
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      Thank you it is perfect tutorial website which I have ever seen.

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