How to insert rows in SQL Server Table by Edit Table Rows GUI - SQL Server / TSQL Tutorial Part 101


You are working as SQL Server developer, you need to insert couple of records into dbo.Customer table but you don't want to use TSQL scripts. How would you insert data into table without using TSQL?


Let's create the dbo.Customer table first by using below script.

USE yourDatabaseName
Create Table dbo.Customer(
Id int identity(1,1),
FName VARCHAR(50),
LName VARCHAR(50),
Age int,
DOB Date,
Salary Numeric(6,2))

Once the table is created. Go to Database and then Tables tab. Right click on the dbo.Customer table as shown and choose Edit Top X rows according to your setting.

How to insert data to SQL Server Table by using Graphical user interface in SQL Server

Now start typing the values you want to insert. As Id is identity column, we don't have to insert any value.
How to insert data into SQL Server Table by using Graphical user interface in SSMS

Once done with inserting the data, just close the windows and records will be saved to table.

Video Demo : How to insert records in SQL Server table by using Edit Top X rows

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