How to see Created Date for Files and Folders in Windows Explorer

When we often Windows Explorer we see different properties and one of them we see for file and folder is Modified Date.

Sometime we need to know when the file or folder was created and we would like to see Date Created. To add that Right Click right next to Size or any other property as shown and then click on Created On as shown below.

How to show Created Date for file and folders in Windows Explorer

The Date Created should be added to list now.

How to see Created Date for Folders and Files in windows explorer


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  3. To see the created date for files and folders in Windows Explorer, right-click on the file or folder, select "Properties," and then look under the "General" tab where the creation date is displayed. Alternatively, you can add the "Date Created" column in the details view by right-clicking the column header and selecting it from the list. For students seeking help with their academic work, offers expert writing assistance to help you excel in your studies.