How to setup Distributed Availability Group in SQL Server 2016 - SQL Server 2016 DBA Tutorial


You are working as SQL Server DBA and you are asked to setup Distributed Availability Group in SQL Server 2016, What steps would you follow?


The video demo, will explain all the steps you need to take to configure Distributed Availability Group. Demo covers below items

  • What is Distributed Availability Group in SQL Server 2016?
  • What are pre-requisites of Distributed Availability Group in SQL Server 2016?
  • How to create availability groups on different clusters to use in Distributed AG?
  • How to create Availability Group with Automatic seeding
  • How to create Listener in Availability Group
  • How to setup Distributed Availability Group using two different listeners?
  • How to Join Secondary cluster in Distributed Availability Group?
  • How to check status of Distributed Availability Group
  • Troubleshooting Distributed Availability Group

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  1. please provide the document which is mentioned in video.

  2. Would you please provide the scripts?

  3. Please provide the scripts who have run on SQL-T

  4. Can you confirm if I can configure DAG with Sql-Server 2017 Standard?

  5. Nice step-by-step guide, thanks for videos .

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