How to Create Self Hosted IR and Load Data From On-Prem to Azure Cloud - Azure Data Factory Tutorial

Issue:  How to Create Self Hosted IR and Load Data From On-Prem to Azure Cloud - Azure Data Factory Tutorial 2021.

In this blog post we are going to learn how to create Self Hosted IR and load data from On-Prem to azure cloud azure data factory tutorial 2021 step by step.

Create & configure A self-hosted integration runtime :

Open azure data factory & click on manage tab, click on integration runtime and click on new:

Fig - 1 : Create & Configure A Self-Hosted Integration Runtime

Click On azure , self-hosted insert information and click create:

Fig-2 : Information column name & description

Click on the download & install integration runtime.

Fig- 3 Download & install integration runtime

Open integration runtime & copy keys from azure data factory which is shown in below picture

Fig- 4: Copy the keys for self-hosted integration runtime 

Paste the copied key and click on register & then click finsh.

Fig- 5: Insert copied keys for registration

Create a pipeline give the name to our pipeline and click & drag copy activity :

Fig-6 : perform copy activity 

Click on source + new and select sql server & click continue

Fig- 7: Create new source for copy activity

give name , crete new link server, select server name, select self hosted IR,  give data base name + tb user + password and click test connection.

Fig- 8: Create new linked service

Click on open

Click on preview


Click on azure blob storage + select csv file + set properties insert name & link service + create output connection & click ok + debug  and the file will be generated

Fig-9 : Create new blob storage step by step

How To Copy File from local folder to Cloud
Go to the drive where the folder is located right click on the folder go to properties and click sharing and then click share and provide the permission to the user, and click share.

Fig- 10: How To Copy File from local folder to Cloud

copy shared link :

Go to azure data factory and create new pipeline, drag copy data activity and click on source, then click on new then select file system

Fig- 11: create new pipeline

Select binary and click continue

 Name the file and create new linked service 

In the link service select server name, then select self hosted IR, then host then  user name & Password then click on test connection and click create

Click open 

and browse the required file and click ok

go to pipeline and click sink click on Blob Storage Then Click on Binary then Select Azure Blob Storage Link and Select  the output folder and click ok

Click ok Debug

As you can see in below picture task is completed:


How to Create Self Hosted IR and Load Data From On-Prem to Azure Cloud - Azure Data Factory Tutorial


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