How to Change Scope of Variable (Move Variable) in SSIS Package - SSIS Tutorial

In SQL Server Integration Services 2008 and previous versions once the variable was created with Scope , it was not possible to change the scope of that variable without deleting and recreating in correct scope.

In SSIS 2012 and latest versions, we can create variables without worrying about scope and then can move them to required scope any time without deleting and recreating.

SSIS 2008, there is no option available to move or change the scope of variable.
Old versions of SSIS , had no option to change scope of variables

SSIS Move Variable Option

Change scope of variable in SSIS Package

In below snapshot we can see that the both variables were created on package level and then by using Move Variable Option we changed the scope for Variable1 from Package to For Loop Container.

How to change Scope of variable in SSIS Package 

Scope Changed from Package to For Loop Container
How to change Scope of variable from Package to Container in SSIS Package


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