SSIS - How to Use "Character Map" Transformation (LowerCase, UpperCase) in SSIS Package


Let’s say we are extracting data from a source and we have to write to flat file or excel but before we write data we want to format one column to lower case and other column to upper case.


SSIS provided us a transformation called “Character Map” that can perform different operations on string type columns. We can either add a new column or we can do In-place change for that column. We used Uppercase and lowercase operations on CountryName and SalePersonName respectively. The same operations can be done by using Derived column transformation. 

As shown below, We added a new column CountryName_Upper and used Uppercase as operation on CountryName column. For SalePersonName we did In-place change and changed to lowercase.
How to use Character Map Transformation in SSIS Package to convert string values to Lowercase or UpperCase

Output snapshot
What is Character Map Transformation and How to use in SSIS Package

Video Demo : How to use Character Map Transformation in SSIS Package

To learn more about different operations available in Character Map transformation, Please visit 


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