These are SSRS ( SQL Server Reporting Services) Interview Questions so far, Will keep adding new questions. Good luck with your interview as SQL Server Report Developer :)


  1. What is SSRS ?
  2. When SSRS was introduced in Market and What Versions are available?
  3. What is Shared Data Source in SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) ? 
  4. What is Shared Dataset in SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) ? 
  5. What is Embedded data source and how is it different from Shared Data Source? 
  6. What is difference between Data Source and DataSet in SSRS? 
  7. What type of SSRS Reports Can and Can't be created by using Report Wizard?
  8. Can you create parameter reports by using SSRS Report Wizard?
  9. What are the steps/stages of SSRS report processing? 
  10. How would you Edit already deployed SSRS Report?  
  11. What is Report Manager? Explain the function of Report Manager.
  12. Which tool can be used by the Business Users to create their own reports? 
  13. Which delivery/export options are allowed in SSRS?
  14. How to display all the records on one page in SSRS?  
  15. What are the different ways to sort your reportdata? What is interactive sort?
  16. How to display data on single tablix from two datasets in ssrs report by joining on single column? What is Lookup Function in SSRS Report?
  17. How to display data on single tablix from two datasets in ssrs report by joining on Multiple Columns? What is Lookup Function?
  18. If you want to display header on each of newpage, how would you do that?
  19. What are seven rendering extensions available inSSRS? 
  20. What is page break in SSRS Report?
  21. If you want to display only X rows per page inSSRS, how will you achieve that?
  22. You have report that has multiple pages withdifferent group data, you want to render to excel but each group data should goto separate sheet, how would you accomplish that?
  23. What is running total? and what function will you use to include running total in new column in SSRS?
  24. If you want to display data for each group onnew page, how would you do that?
  25. Which language rdl files made of in SSRS?
  26. What is the difference between Drill down and Drill Through Report in SSRS?
  27. What are different types of Data Sources available in SSRS
  28. How to Add Custom Code in SSRS Report 
  29. What type of parameters are available in SSRS?
  30. What is Single Value parameter in SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS) report? 
  31. What is Multi value parameter in SSRS Report?
  32. How would you write TSQL Query or Stored Procedure with Single Value Parameter? 
  33. How would you write your TSQL Query or Stored Procedure for Multi Value Parameter Report in SSRS?
  34. How would you display a Calendar for date or datetime parameter  in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Report? 
  35. Is there a way to provide default value/s to your parameter/s in SSRS Report?
  36. You have created a report, the report has month name as parameter, What is best way to provide values for month name parameter? 
  37. What is Cascading parameter in SSRS?
  38. What are range parameters in SSRS Report
  39. Can you show Radio buttons as your parameter in SSRS, if yes which data type these parameters work for?
  40. How do you set parameter on a Drill through report? 
  41. How do you set parameter on a Sub report?
  42. How would you generate SSRS report with DateTime in a shared folder on schedule?
  43. What does SSRS Deployment or Publishing means?
  44. How would you deploy your SSRS report using BIDS/SSDT?
  45. What are the steps to deploy your report using Report Manager? 
  46. What is Bookmark in SSRS report?
  47. How to hide empty rows in SSRS Report?
  48. How to replace Null values in SSRS Report Cells with some values?
  49. How to use CSV file as Data Source in SSRS Report?
  50. How to use Excel file as Data Source in SSRS Report?
  51. What is difference between IIF and Switch Function?
  52. Which function would you use to add a new column that will generate sequence number for your all of your records?
  53. What type of Report Items are available in SSRS Report?
  54. We can insert image in report , what image sources are available for us to use in SSRS Report?
  55. What type of reports you can create in SSRS?
  56. What is Reporting Services Configuration Manager in SSRS?
  57. What is Subscription in SSRS?
  58. What is difference between Standard and Data Driven Subscription?
  59. What is the difference between Tabular and Matrix Report?
  60. What are Data Alerts in SSRS? and how does it work?
  61. Where can you find Report Server Service Trace Log? and what type of information does it provide?
  62. What is List Data Region in SSRS?
  63. What is Sub report in SSRS?
  64. What is snapshot report?
  65. What is cached report?
  66. What is shared schedule in SSRS?
  67. What is RS Utility and why do we use it?
  68. What are different types of Roles available in SSRS?
  69. What is the name of Reporting Services Configuration file and where it exists?


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