SSRS Interview Questions - What should be the data type for Radio Button Parameter Type in SSRS Report

To create Radio Button Parameter in SSRS Report, The data type should be set to boolean for Parameter.

After writing the query for your report by using bit type column, you have to go to Parameter properties and then set the Parameter data type to boolean to show Radio Buttons, Otherwise you will see a text box for parameter value.

Query for report with Single Value parameter, remember IsActive is Bit type Column in table.

FROM dbo.TotalSale
WHERE IsActive = @Param_IsActive

Text Box will show up as we have not set the Parameter Data Type to Boolean

Let's go ahead and change the Data type of Param_IsActive Parameter to Boolean

Run the report and you will see now you have Radio Button Parameter. 

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  1. When SSRS pass multiple values to parameter, it separate them by comma ( ,). We need to replace the comma with single quotes and vidmate comma as you can see in highlighted code.