SSRS Interview Questions and Answers - How would you write your TSQL Query or Stored Procedure for Multi Value Parameter Report in SSRS

Parameter/s in reports are used to filter data. Multi Value parameter is one that can accept more than one value.

Let's say if we would like to create report with RegionName Parameter that should be able to accept more than one Region value. Our T-SQL will use IN clause and small parenthesis around Parameter Name.

FROM dbo.MyTableName
WHERE Region IN (@RegionName)

 We can also write a Stored Procedure with Multi Value Parameter. To create multi value parameter, We need IN clause and each value in IN Clause should have (single quotes) around. When SSRS pass multiple values to parameter, it separate them by comma ( ,). We need to replace the comma with single quotes and comma as you can see in highlighted code. After that we can write our Dynamic SQL Query to use the value of  Parameter.

Create Procedure dbo.sp_TotalSale
@Region VARCHAR(500)

Declare @var_Region VARCHAR(500)
SET @var_Region=Replace(@Region,',',''',''')
--print @var_Region
Select     [SalePersonFName]









           ,[Region] into ##Temp

           from dbo.TotalSale

           where Region in ('''+@var_Region+''')'
--Print @SQL
Execute( @SQL )

Select * From ##Temp

drop table ##Temp


Execute dbo.sp_TotalSale 'Asia,Europe'

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  1. Query for report with Single Value parameter, remember IsActive is Bit type Column in table.