SSRS Interview Questions - Is there a way to provide default value/s to your parameter in SSRS Report?

Parameters are used to filter data in report. Default value/s can be configured for Parameter/s in SSRS report. By configuring default values in report, the report will run with those parameter values. The viewer/user can choose different values for parameter/s after first execution of report.

To set the default value/s for parameter
Right click on Parameter and choose Parameter Properties
Then click on Default Values Tab
For static Values : You can click on Specify Values radio button and then Add the values as you like ( I would not like to use this, as to add/delete any value , we always have to open report for change and redeploy after saving changes)
The Default Values can also be get from Query. You can use Get Values from query ( I prefer this option, as we can add/remove values in table anytime and we don't have to open report to make change and redeploy.)

Can we provide Default Values to Parameter or Parameters in SSRS Report - SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS) Interview Question sand Answers

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