SSIS Tutorial Part 29 - How to Create Multiple Files from a SQL Server Table in SSIS Package

In this video you will learn how to create multiple files from a sql server table in SSIS Package.

Let's say you have a table with some region code information and you want to create files for each of the region with region code name , this example can be use to do that.

In this video you will also learn

  1. How to create an SSIS Package
  2. How to use OLE DB Source with parameters in SSIS Package
  3. how to use Execute SQL Task to populate object type variable in ssis package
  4. how to save data to object type variable in SSIS Package
  5. how to read rows one by one from object type variable by using foreach loop container
  6. how to create text files dynamically in SSIS Package
  7. how to write expression on connection manager in SSIS Package
  8. how to use data flow task in SSIS Package
  9. how to use Foreach loop container in SSIS Package

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