SSIS Tutorial Part 11-Create Fixed Width Text File with DateTime from SQL Server Table

In this video of SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) Tutorial you will learn how to create fixed with text file from SQL Server and add date time to it by using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS ) Package.

In this video you will also learn

  1. How to create SSIS Package from scratch
  2. How to rename SSIS Package in SSIS Project
  3. How to use Data Flow Task in SSIS Package
  4. How to use OLE DB Source in SSIS Package to read data from SQL Server Table by using SQL Command
  5. How to use Flat file Destination transformation to create fixed width text file in SSIS Package
  6. How to write expressions in SSIS Package
  7. How to use Functions such as getdate() in SSIS Package
  8. How to Extract Date and Time from Getdate() function in SSIS Package

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