SSIS Tutorial Part 09- How to use Fast Parse Property in Flat File Source in SSIS Package

In this video of SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) Tutorial, you will learn how the Fast Parse property work in Flat File Source. The video explains how to enable Fast Parse property of columns.
It is short demo in which you can learn how load time decrease by enabling Fast Parse property on Flat File source for some specific data type columns such as integer,date and time where validation is not required if you trust the source from which flat file is generated.

The video can also be used to answer SQL Server Integration Services Question "
What is fast parse property in Flat File Source? What are the requirements and limitations to use this property?"

How to use Fast Parse Property in Flat File Source in SSIS Package - SQL Server Integration Services ( SSIS ) Tutorial

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  1. unless you provide the exact file to us, it is completely we just see , can't practice...

  2. what to use to fold the 20 million file? notepad cannot and I saw you were using wordpad, but it couldn't either, I tried.

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