SSIS Tutorial Part 26-How To Execute Multiple SQL Files by using SSIS Package

In this video of SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) Tutorial, you are going to learn how to execute SQL files those are in folder by using SSIS Package.

This type of scenario is very common when you have a lot of script files sitting in a folder and you have to execute all of them.

In this video you will also learn

  1. How to use variables in SSIS Package
  2. How to use For-each Loop Enumerator to loop through files in a folder
  3. How to Map variables in For-each Loop Container in SSIS Package
  4. How to use Execute SQL Task in SSIS Package
  5. How to write Expressions in SSIS Package

The demo video walk you through each step in detail and lead you to create your own SSIS Package that can be used in real time to run .sql files.


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  2. May I ask about how to Export Flat File based on the each SQL statement in the table and destination