SSIS Tutorial Part 25-Load Multiple Excel Files to SQL Server Table & Archive them with Datetime

In this video of SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) Tutorial, you will learn how to load Multiple Excel files to a SQL server Table and archive them after loading them.

In this video you will learn

  1. How to load Multiple Excel files to SQL Server Table
  2. How to Load Multiple Excel files to SQL Server Table and Archive with date-time added to them.
  3. How to use For-each Loop Container
  4. How to use Excel Source in SSIS
  5. How to use File System Task to rename and move files.

Expression used for video to get date_time.
Replace(Replace(Replace(SUBSTRING((DT_WSTR,50)(GETDATE()),1,16),"-","")," ","_"),":","")+".xlsx"


  1. hello sir I followed as on videos it gives me error.Error says error to load the ms access db engien cannot open to the file(folderpath)
    this a error code:O*80004005,
    would you help to fix those error
    not only in this one any project related with excel shows error