SSIS Tutorial Part 24-Load Files to Different Tables according to the File Name in SSIS Package

In this video of SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) Tutorial, you will learn how to load the files according to the file names in SQL Server Tables.

The video covers real time scenario and requirement where we often have to extract the file name from given file name with date-time and load to table as per file name.

This video also covers

  1. How to create SSIS Package from Scratch
  2. How to use For-each Loop Container in SSIS Package
  3. How to use Precedence Constraints in SSIS Package
  4. How to write expressions in Precedence Constraint in SSIS Package
  5. How to use Data Flow Task in SSIS Package
  6. How to Write Expressions on Connection Managers in SSIS Package
  7. How to use Flat File Source in SSIS Package
  8. How to use OLE DB Destination in SSIS Package


  1. At the end of the video you had mentioned about scripting to load hundred of files, can you post how to do that please?

  2. Aamir sir.. Can You please provide me teh code which has been used in SCRIT TASK

  3. Hello Sir. Please share the link where we can find a solution to load 100 of different files in sql table