How to write Annotations (Comments) in SSIS Packages

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Interview Question "What is Annotation in SSIS Package? Can we write annotation in Data Flow Pane?"

What is Annotation in SSIS Package
How to write Comments in SSIS Package

Annotations (Comments) in SSIS Packages - SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS)


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  2. Annotation in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a way to add comments or notes to your SSIS packages. Annotations help you document your package and provide information to other developers or users.

  3. You can use annotations to describe the purpose of a particular task, data flow, or any other component within the SSIS package. While you can't directly write annotations in the Data Flow Pane, you can add annotations to control flow tasks, containers, and other elements in SSIS by right-clicking on them and selecting "Add Annotation." This helps improve the readability and understanding of your SSIS packages, making it easier for others to work with them. Maybe these services will also be of interest to you -