How to use CSV file as Data Source in SSRS Report - SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS)


Let's say we are working with Asset under Management company, they would like to get rating everyday from different companies such as Bloomberg etc. in csv file. We should like to read data from the csv file and display for our users in SSRS Report.


Here is step by step solution.

Step 1: Create the DSN entry
Go to Control Panel -- Administrative Tools and then click Setup ODBC data sources(32-bit)
Step 2:
Create DSN Entry as shown below

Step 3:Choose the Directory in which your CSV file will be

 Step 4: Open SSDT and create new Report
Open SQL Server Data Tools and create new report. Go to Data Source and create Data Source by using DSN entry we have created.

Step 5:
Go to Data Set and create DataSet by using below Query
Select * From yourfilename.csv

If you like you can add where clause as well. After writing your query, you will see the fields and will be able to use them in your report.

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