How to display X Rows per page in SSRS Report - SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS) Interview Questions and Answers


You are working for Health Insurance company and you have created an SSRS Report for them that display FName and LName and Region for the claimants. Now the users want you to make change to the report so they see only 10 rows per page.


Note: I have very detail video on this. Click Here

Let's follow step by step and make change to report to below report.
Display rows per page with default setting in SSRS Report.

Step 1:  Create New Group
Go to Row Groups and add Parent group as shown below.

Click on fx to write expressions

Write expressions as below

Step 2: Remove Sorting on Newly Created Group
Once you hit Ok, you will see a new column in your Tablix is added as shown below

Also when you will try to preview the report, you will get below error.
To take care of above error, you need to go to Group properties and remove sorting as shown below.

Delete the Sorting on Group as shown and hit Ok.

Step 3: Add Page Break between Group Values
Now if you preview your report , you will see the report data is divided into groups. Now we need to add page Break in Groups so we can display in each page.

Go to Group Properties again and then add Page Break as shown.

Now if you will preview your report, you will see 10 rows per page but you will see the group value as well. As you really don't want to see the group column, you can delete it.

Step 4: Delete The Group Column
Delete the Group Column as shown below. Make sure you Delete columns only as shown below. Our logic will still stay after deleting the column only.

You are all done now. You will see 10 rows per page in your report now.

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