We can insert image in report , what image sources are available for us to use in SSRS Report - SSRS Interview Questions and Answers

We often need to use images in our SSRS Report. There are three different ways to use image in our SSRS Report

From Database

Let's say you have saved the image in one of the table in your database, you can use the images from table into SSRS Report. You will be bring the Image Item on your report and then right Click and go to properties and then choose Image Source=Database from Drop Down as shown below.

How to use Image from Database table in SSRS Report - SSRS Interview Questions and Answers


You can add images to your SSRS Report. Go to Report Data and then Right click on Images and Add new image that you would like to use in your SSRS report.

How to add Image to SSRS Report -SSRS Interview Questions and Answers

Bring the Image Item to Report and then Right Click. As we have imported image in our report, now we will be using Embedded option to show image in Image Item.
How to use Embedded Images in SSRS Report - SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS) 

From External Source

In SSRS Report, we can images from external sources as well. We will be bringing Image Item and then go to properties and choose Image Source= External and then provide image path as I have provided below.

How to use Image from external source in SSRS report - SSRS Interview Questions and Answers

We can use the images from Local Drives

We can use Images from UNC Paths

We can use Images from website


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