What is Report Manager, Explain the function of Report Manager - SSRS Interview Questions & Answers

Report Manager is Web based interface that can be used to perform different tasks such as
Adminster the Report Server,View the Reports and Manager the Report etc.

You need to have the URL to access the Report Server by using Report Manager interface. If Reporting Services is installed on the machine, Login to the machine and open SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration Manager. Once you open the SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration Manager and connect with Report Server, you will see the Report Manager URL as shown below.

How to get Report Manager URL by using SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration Manager

Once you open the Report Manager URL, You will see all the folder available on Report Server. By using Report Manager Interface we can perform different Tasks, few are mentioned below

  • We can create new folders so we can deploy reports to them
  • We can create Data Sources
  • We can run Report Builder from Report Manager
  • We can provide permissions on different items ( reports,data sources,data-sets etc.) to Groups or to single users
  • By using Upload File option, we can deploy new reports to Report Server
  • We can move the reports between different folders
  • We can delete different items such as Folders, Reports, Data Sources and Data-Sets etc.
  • We can create Subscription for Report by using Report Manager
  • We can download reports to our local folder by using report Manager
  • We can configure plan to Cache SSRS Report

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