SSRS Interview Questions and Answers - What does SSRS Deployment or Publishing means?

As SSRS developer we use different tools to create the report/s after getting the requirement. We use BIDS/SSDT or Report Builder to create our report/s. After creating report/s we need to share report/s with our Manager or Business Users.
One way is to save the report to our local machine by using Export option and then email the report/s. The users would like to access report/s anytime. We cannot export the report every time and email.

SSRS provide us Report Server. After creating reports we can upload the reports to Report Server. The upload process is called deployment or publishing. You can deploy different objects to Report Server such as Data Source, Data-Sets, Images (you would like to use them in reports) and Reports.

To upload these objects, we have different options
  • We can use BIDS/SSDT and deploy the items (Data Source, Shared Data-Sets, and Reports)
  • We can use Report Builder to save the reports to Report Server
  • We can use Report Manager Interface to upload Reports to Report Server
  • We can use RS Command prompt utility to deploy Reports as well

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