SSRS Interview Questions - What type of SSRS Reports Can and Can't be created by using Report Wizard?

What type of SSRS Reports Can be created by using Report Wizard?

By using Report Wizard in SSDT you will be able to create below type of reports
  • Tabular Report
  • Matrix Report
When it comes to choose the layout for Table you have below options
  • Stepped
  • Block
Also you can Include Subtotals and if you like you can make your report drilldown. 
Parameters can be added to report as well. You have to write the Query with Parameters.

What Type of SSRS Reports Can't Be Created By using Report Wizard?

You can not create Chart,Indicator,Gauge, List and Map Reports.
You can not create Cascading Parameter Report Directly by using Report Wizard

Note: Report Wizard is quick way to create simple reports. You can always create a quick report by using Wizard and then add the rest of the parts to it. As I have mentioned above you can't create Cascading Parameters report by using Report Wizard, but you can create report with multi parameters by using Report Wizard. Once you are done with that you can add additional DataSets and Map parameters to work your report as Cascading Parameter report.

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