What is the difference between Shared Data Source and Embedded Data Source in SSRS Report - SSRS Interview Questions

What is Data Source?

Data Source is a set of data source connection properties. When we create data source, we need to provide below information
Name: Name for the Data Source
Description: Optional, Good idea to provide
Connection Type:  Such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, OLE DB and ODBC etc.
Connection String: Provide the Connection String for Data Provider
Credential Type: Specifies how the credentials are obtained for connection

What is Shared Data Source?

A Data Source that can be used by multiple reports is called Shared Data Source.

What is Embedded Data Source?

The Data Source which is created in a report and can only be used for that report is called embedded Data Source. If non of other report/s need to connect to the data source, it is Ok to create embedded data source but if there is any possibility in future other report/s might use that data source, If yes then it is good idea to create Shared Data Source.


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