How to Install SQL Server Manager Studio (SSMS) - SQL Server / TSQL Tutorial Part 1


You just joined a new company as SQL Server Developer, Got new laptop and excited about it. Now it is time to install SQL Server Management Studio so can connect to SQL Server Instances to work on. But How Can I install Stand Alone SQL Server Management Studio on my machine, I don't need to have Database Engine.


Step 1:
If your company already have SQL Server software downloaded, you can use that. If not then you can download the SQL Server Management studio from below link

Step 2:
Once download is completed, Double click on the File and start SQL Server Installation. It is stand alone SSMS installation.

How to install SQL Server Management Studio Stand Alone - SQL Server Tutorial

Below windows will appear and you need to click hit Install button.
Step by Step installation of SQL Sever Management Studio

Now sit back for few minutes, it is going to load the packages and install. Once installation is completed, you will see below screen.
How to Install SQL Sever Management Studio- Step by Installation of SSMS

Our installation is completed. You can go to run or search and type SSMS to start SQL Sever Management Studio and connect to SQL Server Instance.

Connect to SQL Server by using SSMS- SQL Server Tutorial


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  5. It's great to hear that you're excited about your new laptop. To get started with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), you can easily install the standalone version without the Database Engine. This allows you to efficiently connect to SQL Server Instances and begin working. If you ever need assistance with custom software development services to enhance your SQL Server experience, feel free to reach out. Good luck with your new journey!