SSRS Interview Questions - What are seven rendering extensions available in SSRS?

Rendering Extension is part/component of Report Server that transforms report data and layout to device specific format.
There are seven rendering extensions are available in SQL Server Reporting Services.
  1. HTML
  2. Excel
  3. Word
  4. CSV or Text
  5. Image
  6. PDF
  7. XML
 By default Report Server will render the report in HTML. You don't have to specify the format in url.



rs:format can be used in url to define in which format we would like to render our report. if I have a report with name Report and I would like to render in Excel, My URL will be like below


for PDF


if you would like to render in any above, you can change the rs:format=YourExtension

Passing Parameter values in URL

You can also pass the parameter in url if required. If my Report Name is SaleReport and it is using Param_Isactive ( Boolean type), I can use below url to render my report to TIF with parameter value =true.


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