SSRS Interview Questions - Can you create parameter reports by using SSRS Report Wizard?

Yes, Reports with parameters can be created by using SSRS Report Wizard. You have to write your Query with parameters or use a Stored Procedure that accepts Parameter.

In below example I have create a query with Region as single value parameter and Country as Multi value parameter.
Just remember that once report is created, You have to go to Parameter properties and Define if Parameter can accept Multi values. Also you have to configure available values or default values to parameter if you like.

Here is how you will use the Stored Procedure with Parameter in SSRS Report Wizard, I have a below definition of a Stored Procedure that accepts Region as Parameter.

Create Procedure dbo.sp_SaleByRegion
@Region VARCHAR(100)
Select * From dbo.TotalSale
where Region=@Region
Once again, after the report is created you have to set the properties of Parameter.

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