SSRS Interview Questions - What are the stages of SSRS Report Processing?

Below are the steps/stages for SSRS Report Processining

Report Definition:

Reports are deployed to the Report Server. We can access report/s on demand or run them on schedule. Once accessing action is performed, the next step is Compile.


Compile : 

In this step, All expressions, parameters and parameter properties are evaluated and saved as intermediate format.

Snapshot or Report History: 

In this step, A snapshot is created which is set of report data at specific point in time plus intermediate format that contains report layout information.

Processed Report: 

In this step/Stage we will have a fully processed report with data and layout information.


In this step/stage, A fully processed report is send to report renderer to display on each page in chosen rendering format.

Export Report: 

In this step the report is exported to chosen format such as Excel,Word,PDF,TIFF and CSV.

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