How to get Job Names with Owner Names in SQL Server - SQL Server Scripts

One way to check the owner of SQL Server agent Job is to Right Click on Job and go to Properties and then see the Owner.

If we need to get the owners for all the SQL Server Agent Job, that can be time consuming. We often need this information for Audit. We can use system objects such as sysjobs and syslogins from MSDB to get this information.

    ,L.NAME AS OwnerName
FROM msdb..sysjobs J
LEFT JOIN master.sys.syslogins L 
ON J.owner_sid = L.sid

If you see Null value in OwnerName that means that the login does not exists for the account used in Job as owner. It is good time to take care of that.

You can use below query to return all job names with owners, even for those logins does not exists.

    ,SUSER_SNAME(owner_sid) AS JobOwner
FROM msdb..sysjobs


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