What is Running Total and How to add Running Total Column in SSRS Report - SSRS Interview Questions and Answers

Running Total is the running aggregate of all non null numeric values. RunningValue function can be used in SSRS To create Running Total Column.


Let's say you are creating SSRS Report for Car Sale and you would like to show running total in one of the column. Here are the steps.

Step 1:  Add New Column in Tablix
Add a new column to the Tablix as shown.
Add New Column in Tablix in SSRS Report for Running Total - SSRS Interview Questions

Step 2: Write Expressions for Running Total
Right click in Column and go to expressions so we can write expressions for Running Total in our SSRS Report.

Step 3: Write Expressions for Running Total
In case of my report, I have field ItemsSold, that I will be using for running total, you can use as per your requirement.

Notice that I have used DataSet1 as scope for running Value function. If you want to calculate Running Total on Group Level, You will be providing the name of the Group.

Once all done, you will see report like this.
Running Total in SSRS Report by using Running Value Function- SSRS Interview Questions