What is Sub Report in SSRS - SQL Server Report Services(SSRS) Interview Questions and Answers

Let's say you have created different reports and now you would like to call one or more than one of them in new report(Main Report). You can use Sub Report Item in SSRS To call any report.

So Sub Reports are just like other reports and we can call them by using SubReport Item in other Report ( Main report).

Step 1:
To Call existing report (SubReport), You can to bring SubReport Item in your Main report as shown below.

How to use SubReport Item in SSRS Report - SSRS Interview Questions and Answers

Step 2:
Right click on SubReport Item and go to properties as shown below

How to call a report in Main report in SSRS - SQL Server Reporting Services

Step 3: 
Choose the report you would like to call in your main report.

How to use SubReport Item in SSRS to call another Report - SQL Sever Reporting Services

If you are passing value of a field to sub report Parameter, go to Parameters tab and map the field to Parameter.

In my case subreport has parameter Region and I mapped to Region field from Main Report.
How to map parameter for Sub Report from Main Report in SSRS Report - SSRS Tutorial

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