What type of reports you can create in SSRS - SSRS Interview Questions and Answers

We can create different types of reports in SQL Server Reporting Services.

Simple Tabular Reports

You can call this report detail report, where we simple use some fields to display data in tabular format.

Matrix Reports

This type of reports are used to showed summarized data. Some people call them Pivot Table or Cross Tab reports. Matrix reports are different from tabular as number of columns can change in matrix dynamically depending upon the input data.

Linked Reports

Linked report is Report Server side item which provide link to existing report on server.

Clickthrough Reports

Clickthrough reports are created from Report Model and you can see the details of data by clicking on interactive data from report model.

DrillDown Reports

Drill Down is the way to have summary values view and if we would like to see the detail , we can expand that part to see the details.

You can use + and - signs to change to summarize view or detail view of a report.

Drillthrough Reports

Drill-through report is report that is open by the clicking a link within another another report.

Cached Reports

Cached reports are saved copy of processed report.

Ad hoc Reports

The reports those can be crated from Report Model on demand. You will be using Report Builder to create these reports.


SubReport Item can be used to display another report in Main report.

Snapshot Reports

Snapshot report is a report that contains layout information and query results that were retrieved at a specific point in time.

Parameterized Reports

Parameters reports are the reports which accept parameter/s to complete report.

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