What is Reporting Services Configuration Manager - SSRS Interview Questions and Answers

Reporting Services Configuration Manager can be use to define or modify settings for Report Server and Report Manager.

To start Reporting services Configuration Manager, you can search by going to start and then search and type SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration Manager. 

Once it will start, you will see interface like below

There are different tables available to make modification or configure.

Service Account

On this tab, you can choose which account you would like to run report server service.

Web Service URL
Under this tab, You can configure a URL that will be used to access the Report Server. You have option to configure more than one URL for single Report Server.

Reporting Services stores all Report Server content and application data in a database. Under this tab, you can configure where you would like to create that database and which credentials should be used to access the database.

Report Manager URL
Report Manager is web interface. By using Report Manager interface we can access reports, upload reports, set security etc. Under this tab, you will be able to configure the Report Manager URL for your Report Server.

Email Setting
If you need to create subscriptions such as sending reports by email, you need to configure STMP Server. Under this tab, you will be able to configure SMTP Server and email account.

Execution Account
Under this tab, you can specify account to enable the use of report data sources that do not require credentials or to connect to remote servers that store external images used in the reports.

Encryption Keys
Reporting Services uses a symmetric key to encrypt credentials, connection strings and other sensitive data that is stored in the report server database. By using this tab, you can
Backup the key to a password protected file for report server recovery in case of emergency
To Restore the encryption key
or To change the encryption key with newer version.

Sale-out Deployment
You can use this tab to view information about a scale out deployment. Report Servers that are joined to the scale out can store encryption data in a common Report Server database.

For SQL Server 2016, you will see two more tabs 
Subscription Settings
Power BI Integration   

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