How to Set Status Bar Color in SSMS for Different SQL Server Instances - SQL Server / TSQL Tutorial Part 6


Let's say you are working as DBA or Developer and you can connect to different development servers, UAT Servers and Productions Servers and have permission to execute scripts. You always check the server name in SSMS before you run the script. Mistakes can happen. SSMS provide us an extra feature that we can use to color the Status Bar to make sure we are in correct environment.


Let's say we want to color status bar to green for our development servers, yellow for SIT/QA, Orange for UAT and Red for Production.

Step 1:
Let's say we are configuring SSMS for our development server. Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and provide SQL Server Instance and then click on options as shown below.

How to change Status Bar Color in SQL Server Management Studio- SQL Server Tutorial

Step 2:
Go to User Custom Color, then hit Select button and choose the color you like. In our case we are choosing green color and then hit connect.
How to change Status color in SQL Server Management Studio- SQL Server Tutorial

Step 3:
Now once you open New Query, you will see Status Bar color will be green. You can close the SSM and reopen, setting is saved and every time you will connect to this server, status bar will be green.

Perform the above Steps for Other servers you like to connect.


  1. This is great!! Now I see you have plenty of room to in the columns of the status bar to display the server information. I have little room for that, and WAY too much room for the 'Executing query...' column. How do I adjust the column width? thank you

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