What is BookMark in SSRS Report - SSRS Interview Questions and Answers

Book mark links are the way to navigate to different parts of a SSRS report.
Let's say we have create two buttons ( text boxes in our report as shown below) , if we will click on Asia Sale Report, It will take us to the first Tablix Asia Region Detail. If we will click on Europe Region then it will take us to Europe Region Detail Report.

I have a detail video on How to create book marks in SSRS, click here.

Also the arrows are used to navigate to Main report part that is our Summary part in our Report after buttons. Page Breaks are also added after Matrix and Tablix so each will start on new page.
To Enable BookMark, you need to do two things.

Step 1 :  Provide the BookMark Name to the Report Item

Provide the BookMark Name to the item, Click on the item and then hit F4 to go to properties. Let's say if we want to give book mark name to Tablix( Asia Region Sale ). Under Others, Provide BookMark.

Step 2: Create a Link for BookMark

Now we need to go to Asia Region( Orange Text Box) as we would like to create link from this to our AsiaRegionDetail Bookmark. Click on the TextBox and go to properties and configure as shown.

How to create Book mark in SSRS Report - SSRS Interview Questions and Answers


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