SSIS -How To Use Derived Column Transformation (Replace Null Values) in SSIS Package


Let’s say we are extracting data from flat file or from Database table. Few of the columns have Null values. In our destination we do not want to insert these values as NULL. We want to replace Null values with “Unknown” for string type columns and 0 ( Zero) for integer type columns.


If we are extracting data from Database table then we can use IsNULL function and replace with required values but If we are extracting data from flat file then we cannot use this function and we have to use some transformation in SSIS to perform this operation.
In Derived Column Transformation, there are different types of functions and operators are available those can help us to achieve this required results

  • Mathematical Function
  • String Functions
  • Date/Time Functions
  • Null Functions
  • Type Casts Functions
  • Operators

Here are the steps how we will be replacing Null values by using Derived column Transformation

Step 1:
Create connection to your flat file by using Flat File Source. I have used below data in text file for this example.Notice SaleAmount for Italy,andy is missing and SalePerson is missing for Brazil,,200

uSA,aamir shahzad,100

Step 2:
Bring Derived Column Transformation in Data Flow Pane and then connect Flat File Source to it. By double clicking derived column transformation, write expressions as shown below for SSIS 2008 and SSIS 2012 and latest versions.

SSIS 2012 introduced new function REPLACENULL that we can use and get the required results but in previous versions of SSIS, we have to use if else expressions with ISNULL Function to achieve this.
How you will read this expression
ISNULL(SalePersonName) ? "Unknown" : SalePersonName

 IF (?) SalePersonName is Null then “Unknown” Else (:) Column Value itself( SalePersonName)

SSIS 2008 Derived Column Expression
How to replace Null values by using Derived Column Transformation in SSIS Package

For SSIS 2012 and latest versions
How to use ReplaceNull function in Derived Column Transformation to replace Null in SSIS Package

Final Output
As we can see in snapshot the Null values are replaced by "Unknown" for SalePersonName and with 0 for SaleAmount
How to replace Null values in SSIS Package by using Derived Column Transformation