SSIS - How To Add Task/ Transformation To SSIS Control Flow Items Or SSIS Data Flow Items ( Add Third Party Task/Transformation to SSIS )

There are scenarios where SSIS does not provide optimize solution. Think about if you have to update records in Data Flow task. To perform that you have to use OLE DB Command Transformation. OLE DB Command Transformation will take one row at a time and update in table, that means it will slow the process.
To make the process fast, we can load the records in some staging table and then use TSQL query to update records(set base query).

There are companies, who create different Tasks/Transformation which are not available in SSIS by default.
Let's consider our above scenario, After searching on internet. I found that there is on Transformation which is created by Task Factory and that can perform Batch updates in Data Flow Task.
Finally our company decided that they are willing to pay for these third party transformation so we don't have to spend time on custom coding in SSIS.

here are the steps , how we can download these Task/Transformations and then add to our project and use it.

Step 1 : 

Go to

You will see Update Batch Transformation as shown below
Fig 1: Update Batch Transform

Step 2: 

Click on Free Trial Download as we are just loading to learn about these transformations, If your company has decided to buy them Click on Buy Now
Fig 2: Download Free Trail

Step 3: 

Download Zip file according to your SQL Server version installed. As I have SQL Server 2008 installed so I am downloading related version.
Fig 3: Download

Step 4:

Unzip the downloaded file and double click on it to install.
Fig 4: Unzip the file

Step 5: 

Open a new SSIS Project and then go to Tools and then Choose Toolbox Items
Fig 5: Choose Toolbox Items

Step 6:

Fig 6: SSIS Data Flow Items

Step 7:

The Added Transformation will shown in the list , move to the Tab you want and then start using like other transformation which came with SSIS.
Fig 7: Custom/Third party Transformation in Data Flow Transformations