SSIS - How To Add Or Delete Tasks In Control Flow Item ToolBox

After a wonderful phone interview the company has invited you come in person for ETL Developer position. Upon your arrival, you noticed that they want to test you with some practical.

They have provided you a .txt file and showed you the database table in which this file has to be loaded. They already open the SQL Server Integration Services project so you can create your SSIS Package.

Great , Piece of Cake;). Easy question.  So you sit and start working on SSIS Package.

What! I do not see Data Flow Task under Control Flow Items :( Maybe it has moved up or down. You searched over and over but could not find Data Flow Task. You can load the file by using Script Task but that is also not available.

Maybe there is something missing in this SSIS Package. Let's create a new SSIS Package. Oh no, I still do not see those Items in Control Flow Items.
Fig 1: Control Flow Item Toolbox without Data Flow Task and Script Task

Your interviewer was trying to be smart and has deleted these Items from Control Flow Items list. So how we can bring them back?
Fig 2: How to Delete or Add Tasks back to Control Flow Item Toolbox in SSIS

As we want to bring the Data Flow Task and Script Task , we need to reset the Toolbox as shown above.

Fig 3 : Rest Toolbox to Default

If we have added third party Components or Tasks in our Toolbox then those will be removed. Click  "How to Add Third Party Components or Tasks in SSIS Toolbox". For now we can reset to Default.
Fig 4: Toolbox set to default and Data Flow and Script Task are available.

If you would like to see all the Tasks in Grid, Right click on Control Flow Items and then unchek the List View property.
Fig 5:Set the View to Grid for Tasks

If you are using SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) . You will not see the options such as Delete, Rename and other properties as shown in Fig 2 for Task properties. You have new option such as move Task between different Tabs and Restore Toolbox Defaults.

Fig 6: Reset Toolbox in SSIS 2012


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