How to Save Query in Variable and Use in Execute SQL Task - SSIS Tutorial


Let's consider, we have a Flat file which contains the tables those need to be truncate before we load them again. We need to create an SSIS Package that can read the list of Table Names with schema and then Truncate them in given Database in SSIS Package. Once they are Truncated, we can have Data Flow Tasks to load them. But in this package we will be only building the Part how to Truncate them and the list of Tables can change anytime.

In this video we will learn how to save the query in a variable and then use in Execute SQL Task.

In this video you will learn following items
  1. How to Create SSIS Package from Scratch
  2. How to read list of Tables from a Flat File those need to be truncated from SQL Server Database
  3. How to Create String Type Variables in SSIS Package
  4. How to Write Expression on Variable to built SQL Statement
  5. How to use SQL Query ( Dynamic SQL) Saved in Variable in Execute SQL Task

How to build Query in expressions and Save into a Variable and Use Variable in Execute SQL Task as SQL Statement Source in SSIS Package

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