Cannot Open Backup Device 'BackupLocationPath' Operating system error 5Access is denied

In this video you will learn to resolve an error " Cannot open backup device "backuplocation". Operating system error 5(Access is denied) or " Cannot open backup device "backuplocation". Operating system error 5(System cannot find path specified). Video shows multiple causes of above errors and how to resolve them step by step.

Resolution include following fixes,
1- check to see if backup folder exists or path is valid in backup location parameter
2- Finding out SQL Server Service Account
3- Check to see if SQL Server Service Account has proper access (read, write, modify) on specified location
4- If job is running under proxy account, check to see if Proxy account has permission on backup location same as above permissions.
5- If SQL Server Agent is running the job and it is T-SQL Script, it is more likely that your SQL Server Service account doesn't have permission on backup location for Access denied issue.

Cannot Open Backup Device 'BackupLocationPath'  Operating system error 5Access is denied 

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