How to Resolve Availability Group Listner Errors - SQL Server DBA Tutorial

In this video you will learn resolution to a common error while creating Availability group listener. It helps to resolve couple errors as described below.

1- The WSFC cluster could not bring the network name resource with DNS name 'Your AG Listener Name' online, The DNS name may have taken or have conflict with existing name or the service ....

2- Cluster network name resource 'Listener Name' failed to create its associated object in domain 'Your Domain Name' during resource online ....

Video shows step by step how to resolve this error if even you have sub folders under computer folder in your Active Directory, how to assign proper " Create Computer object", " Delete Computer Object" permissions in active directory to the cluster object "Clustername$". It explains that you must set these permissions in same container where you cluster is created in Active directory.

How to Resolve Availability Group Listner Errors - SQL Server DBA Tutorial


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