How to Use Insert Query with Parameters in Execute SQL Task (Log File Names with Record Count) in SSIS Package - SQL Server Integration Services Tutorial


The demo " How to Load File Name and Record Count after loading each file to SQL Server Table".  To tell you more details about scenario, you can think of getting multiple files during the day. You want to create an SSIS Package that loads the file/s and then log file name, record loaded and time to the dbo.FileLoadInformation Table.

In this video we will learn how to use Insert Query with Parameters in Execute SQL Task. We will be learning following items

  1. How to Create an SSIS Package
  2. How to Load Data From Flat File to SQL Server Table
  3. How to use For-each Loop Container to Loop through set of Flat Files
  4. How to use Row Count Transformation in SSIS Package
  5. How to use Execute SQL Task in SSIS Package to insert variable values to a Table

How to use Insert Query in Execute SQL Task with Parameters in SSIS Package

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