Using Variable in IF Clause in Execute SQL Task in SSIS Package - SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Tutorial


How to run the different parts of SQL Statements depending upon the values of variable. Depending upon the value of variable we will be executing different parts of SQL Statements inside Execute SQL Task.

In this video of learning about Execute SQL Task , we will learn following Items

  • How to Create SSIS package from Scratch
  • How to create an variable in SSIS Package
  • How to use variable in expressions to build sql statement in Execute SQL Task.
  • How to use variable to run specific part of SQL inside Execute SQL Task

Expressions used in the Video to build IF clause by using Variable values from SSIS Package

SET @RegionCode='"+ @[User::RegionCD]+"'

If @RegionCode='EU'
insert into dbo.Customer_EU
Select * from dbo.Customer_NA


If @RegionCode='NA'
Truncate table dbo.Customer_NA

How to use Variable in IF clause in Execute SQL Task in SSIS Package

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